Weekly Bible Studies 

Sunday morning at 9 am

Explore the Bible - Job; Ecclesiastes" by Mike Adams (rm206)

New Members Class - Dr. Tom Townsend (rm209) will resume September 5th

Romans: Grace, Truth, & Redemption - Howard Decker (rm210)

Matthew - Ed Walliser (rm309)

Bible Studies for Life: The Church God Desires & Elijah: Living Outside the Comfort Zone

Pearl Widder (rm314) & Dennis Heaps (choir rehearsal rm)


Mondays Men's Bible Study - (rm 309) 

Women's Bible Study - Beginning Thursday, September 2nd at 1:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall


Wednesday Evening Bible Study at 5 pm in the fellowship hall.

I Thessalonians "How to Behave in the Last Days", by Dr. Tom Townsend

(This service is also available on live streaming.)


Trinity Baptist Church
702 W. Del Webb Blvd., Sun City, FL 33573